The Netherlands: Ravestein Bags Contract for Design and Construction of Backhoe Dredger

Ravestein B.V. has announced that it has been awarded for the design and construction of a Backhoe Dredger, type Ravestein 900B. At the end of November 2010, DEME gave the order for this type of Backhoe Dredger. DEME (Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering) is a Belgian company that is well known for its dredging and land reclamation activities. The delivery of this Turn Key project is scheduled on 15 December 2011.

The Ravestein 900B will have the following dimensions:

Length: 60.00 metre

Width: 17.20 metre

Depth: 4.00 metre

Deck load: 10.00 T/m²

Crane: Liebherr P 995 Liptronic

Spudlegs: 3 legs length 34 metre

The pontoon has two fixed spud legs, 1 hydraulically operated spud carrier with spud leg and an excavator. Each leg can press 340 tons and has a holding force of 640 tons. They will have a diameter of 1.60 x 1.60 metre.

The excavator is a Liebherr P 995 Liptronic type which is designed for a maritime environment.

Ravestein will build the Backhoe dredger completely in their yards in Deest and Dodewaard, Holland. The crane will be transported from Colmar France to the covered slipway in Deest.

Ravestein B.V. designed 4 standard types:

RAVESTEIN-1200B with a Liebherr 9800

RAVESTEIN-900B with a Liebherr 995 or 996

RAVESTEIN-750B with a Liebherr 9250E

RAVESTEIN-500B with a Liebherr 984.

Ravestein B.V. is not only known for its Backhoe Dredgers, but also for other large steel constructions, like different types of standard Ro-Ro linkspans, lock gates, crane barges, bridges and Jack-up platforms.


Source: RAVESTEIN, January 18, 2011