Joining Forces to Form Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions Helps Customers Stay Compliant and Reduce Cost (Norway)

Two Wilh. Wilhelmsen companies join forces to provide a more comprehensive portfolio of solutions, equipment and services tailored to the maritime and offshore industries.

The newly formed company, Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions, will be a global provider of fully engineered environmental, safety, HVAC-R, power distribution and control solutions and their related services.

The companies merged are Wilhelmsen Ships Equipment and Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering, companies with a solid maritime history and longstanding experience in the industry. The reputable Callenberg brand and the Unitor equipment brand will continue to be promoted and enhanced under the new company structure.

The individual companies’ portfolios are highly compatible and complementary to each other. ‘By merging the companies’ engineering competence, solutions, equipment and services portfolios, a more comprehensive range can be offered to our customers,’ states Petter Traaholt, newly appointed President of Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions. ‘We have a unique ability to serve customers globally with products and services covering the entire life cycle of vessels, rigs and platforms,’ Traaholt continues.

By combining the product offerings and considerable expertise from the two companies, Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions is able to give the market a broader offer in each of these categories. One example is for environmental solutions, where emission abatement, cold ironing and energy efficiency are combined to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions to air. A combination aimed to create a greater value to the customer ensuring compliance, and reduced cost of installation and operation.

Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions is a part of Wilhelmsen Maritime Services, a Wilh. Wilhelmsen group company. ‘The merger of the two companies and their knowledge, experience and solutions will add value to the customers in addition to the internal synergies,’ states Dag Schjerven, President & CEO of Wilhelmsen Maritime Services. ‘Both existing and new customers will benefit from receiving a more complete range from one partner,’ closes Schjerven.

The new solution portfolio will cover four categories:

Environmental solutions

We offer solutions for the management of water, waste, emissions to air and fuel efficiency that ensure customers’ regulatory compliance. Our environmental solutions not only protect the environment – they also keep installation costs to a minimum, and reduce total operating expenses.

Safety solutions

We deliver fire prevention, detection and suppression solutions, and portable safety equipment that protect customers’ assets and people. Our innovative designs and efficient systems, keep total cost to a minimum, with no compromise on safety.

HVAC-R solutions

We provide HVAC-R (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration) solutions that deliver optimal air and temperature quality, with the advantage of low noise levels for increased comfort. With fit-for-purpose solutions, power consumption is optimised.

Power solutions

We provide solutions for optimising onboard power, power distribution and control systems that reduce operational costs and fuel consumption.


Source: wilhelmsen, January 20, 2011