CAN Representatives Urge Costa Rican and Nicaraguan Authorities to Respect Court Decision

Representatives of Central American nations called upon the Costa Rican and Nicaraguan authorities to respect the decision of the Supreme Court of the Haya on the border dispute between the two countries.

A few days before the court issues a judgment on the conflict, the Central American Council of Human Rights Ombudsman called on governments to respect the instruments and decisions of the international courts studying the case.

Also, the defender of the people of Costa Rica Ofelia Taitelbaum considered the region has the opportunity to prove that the problems are solved with understanding and dialogue, but above all, in strict accordance with the law.

The call was made by the Defensoria of both countries and the Central American Council of Human Rights Ombudsman, comprising representatives of Panama, El Salvador and Belize.

The Council will announce its decision on 8 March on an application of Costa Rica against Nicaragua, accused by its neighbor of damaging the environment with the dredging of San Juan River and invading Costa Rican territory.

Specifically, it must decide on the preventive measures requested by Costa Rica to stop the dredging of Nicaraguan San Juan River, which on a long stretch of its route serves as common border.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, also said to local and international media organizations that he will abide the regulations of the Council.

Taking into account the pronouncement of the Court, Costa Rica’s Security Minister Jose Maria Tijerina, announced that 2,000 men will be sent to guard the northern border to avoid any possible reactions of the neighboring country.

In this regard, his Nicaraguan counterpart General Julio Cesar Aviles, said his country’s Army is firm but cautious in case of any provocation from Costa Rica.



Source: plenglish, March 3, 2011