USACE Picks Piedroba Marine Construction for Dredging Fundamentals Course


Piedroba Marine Construction (PMC) today announced it has been selected for the award of the Dredging Fundamental Course. Luis Prieto-Portar, PhD, PE, PMC’s Principal and Chief Executive Officer, will be the Lead Instructor. The first Session/Class begins 11-15 April 2011 in Jacksonville.

The award is made in the total amount of $333,500.00 for base year plus four twelve month option years, firm fix-price (FFP).

PMC will be teaching the students fundamental dredging theory and accepted dredging practices through lectures, group discussions, examinations, and field trips.

The Course will also cover basic information on how Corps dredging projects are engineered, managed and maintained. Other subject matters will include: pipeline dredges, mechanical dredges, hydro graphic surveying, sediment characterization, dredging project design and contaminated sediment management.

About Piedroba Marine Construction:

Piedroba Marine Construction (PMC) is a self-certified small business and woman-owned marine contractor based in South Florida. PMC offers comprehensive construction and environmental engineering services including marine construction, and dredging throughout the Southeastern United States.


Source: Piedroba Marine Construction, March 3, 2011.