USA: Ellicott Engineers Design New State-of-the-Art Control System



Ellicott gives its customers what they want. It’s as easy as that. Whether a customer needs a dredge for a sand and gravel pit in New Jersey, or a river in Mexico, Ellicott’s engineers can design and build a dredge that works in any location or climate worldwide.

In response to the needs of our customer, Alcoa World Alumina Brazil Ltda, Ellicott recently designed a fully digital control system featuring PLC-based automation, fingertip controls, data logging capability, and remote control of a booster pump. This system easily allows the dredge operator to view extensive information on the production of the dredge. Also included is a state-of-the-art dredge positioning system, allowing the dredge operator to capture the moves of the dredge in real time. The built-in GPS system and inclinometer provide overall dredge positioning information. The user-friendly system also incorporates extensive alarms for the dredging system, hydraulic system, and engines to ensure all aspects are functioning properly.

About company

EllicottĀ® Dredges, one of the oldest and most successful dredging companies in the world, has been supplying dredging equipment to governments, municipalities, contractors, sand and gravel operators, port authorities, and marina operators for over 125 years.

As a world renowned dredging equipment supply company, EllicottĀ® has sold over 1500 dredges in 80 countries.


Source: dredge, March 4, 2011