Alto Group to Prepare Nessie N8DX CHD for Bogue River Dredging Project


Alto Group Holdings, Inc., an innovative mining and commodities trade company headquartered in New York, announces its newly purchased Nessie N8DX cutter head dredge is being transported for servicing to prepare for the anticipated production planned on Bogue River Dredge Concession in Mali, West Africa.

The Mali operations team has put together the local logistics groups needed to move this newly purchased N8DX cutter head dredge to a caterpillar certified servicing company located in Bamako Mali, West Africa. The dredge is being removed from a very remote location called Diabia which will require several days of driving in order to facilitate the relocation properly. Once this equipment arrives a complete tune up will begin to replace all hoses, belts and hydraulic fluid as the first step to position this cutter head dredge to begin commercial operation.

Management has reported that the N8DX dredge is in good condition with all major operating systems currently fully functional. The remaining processing equipment required to produce commercially will be gold recovery separation circuit. This circuit will be manufactured within the United States, shipped on location and positioned on a platform barge directly behind the dredge which will be delivering the gold bearing material to the separation circuit. This type of system has been planned order to maintain the shortest distance for the slurried material to travel during production and will allow all excess sand and gravel to be ejected behind the recovery unit. This streamlined processing will increase the efficiency of the production output planned and allow for the highest possible profit margins while maintaining minimum reclamation issues within local water ways and delicate ecosystems.


Source: marketwire, March 16, 2011