UK: HR Wallingford’s Environment Group Builds Strong Foundations


In its first year, HR Wallingford’s Environment Group has won a number of exciting projects for both public and private sector clients in the UK and overseas. The group was launched in April 2010 and now stands at 10 environmental professionals.

Specialising in environmental policy and legislation, environmental impact assessment and targeted research, the group’s technical skills set covers ecology, sediment and water quality, marine archaeology, ecological modelling, flood risk assessment, climate change risks and adaptation, river restoration and coastal geomorphology.

Nicola Clay, group manager, said: “The Environment Group brings together individuals with experience of different roles in marine and freshwater developments.

The team includes people with regulatory backgrounds, research and industry experience as well as those who have joined us from other consultancies. This unique mix of experience is enhanced by our close working relationships with colleagues with skills in modelling, engineering and dredging and means that our environmental advice has a practical feel in line with our clients’ expectations.”

This year’s highlights include climate change vulnerability studies for Countryside Council for Wales and, separately, Natural England, design of a monitoring strategy for the new container terminal at the Port of Bristol plus a long term secondment to a major capital dredge in Queensland, Australia. Importantly, the group has also supported colleagues in HR Wallingford on major projects such as Defra’s Climate Change Risk Assessment.

Dr Jane Smallman, managing director, said: “The creation of the Environment Group was a natural development for HR Wallingford. I am delighted at how well the group has integrated into the company.

We are now able to provide our clients with advice in a context that they recognise as well as expanding the range of services available to them.

I look forward to the continuing success of the Environment Group as it moves into its second year.”


Source: hrwallingford, April 11, 2011;