USA: The Sun Never Sets on VMI Dredge

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The founder of VMI, Gene Maitlen, used to say “The sun never sets on a VMI dredge”. He knew that somewhere in the world someone was using one of his dredges.

That statement has been especially true lately, since VMI has sold 7 dredges outside of the US in the past year alone. The recent international sales consist of 1 to Qatar, 1 to Canada, 2 to Australia and 3 to the Philippines.

The most recent dredge to leave the states was an MD-815. It was sent to Maxitool in Queensland, Australia. This is the second MD-815 that Maxitool has purchased from VMI in the past year. Maxitool uses VMI dredges to dewater tailing dams and performing maintenance work for process ponds, waterways and marina channels all over Australia.

VMI has been manufacturing dredging and sludge handling equipment since 1972. We are a family owned and operated company who takes pride in our products and workmanship.

VMI supplies dredges worldwide and has earned a reputation for quality and dependability leading to numerous repeat customers.


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