Japan: Kojimagumi Equipped with World’s Heaviest Hydraulic Grab Bucket

Kojimagumi Co., Ltd. in Japan has just equipped with the world’s heaviest grab bucket of capacity 106m3 and of self-weight 477 tons to its dredger.

The cutting force is world top class 990 tons. The durability is enforced by adopting new cooling system and special steel for edge of the bucket. Grabbing amount is increased by improving digging trace. The new cooling system and automated level excavation device increase efficiency in hardpan dredging with high precision.

Its huge capacity grab bucket will reduce dredging cost and at the same time minimize harm to the construction vicinity with pollution preventive screen and by shortening construction duration as well while ‘Green Dredging’ is desired.


Capacity: 106m3 (P.L), 76m3 (W.L)

Weight: 477 tons

Height: 16m

Width: 12.8m (open), 11.55m (closed)

Depth: 5.64m

Cutting force: 990 tons (Lip edge)

Hydraulic cylinder: Inside diameterφ580×Stroke 2,100×4



Source: kk-kojimagumi, May 12, 2011;