Italy: ltaldraghe Presents New Dredging Bucket for Small Projects


Italian dredging equipment manufacturer ltaldraghe has come up with an innovative new dredging bucket for small projects.

According to the company, the bucket can be used with all types of hydraulic excavator, either land-based or floating, and is especially suited to work in narrow canals, small reservoiors or harbours where only a few thousand m3 of material needs to be removed and where a full-size dredger wrould prove impractical or uneconomical.


The device comes in five models – designated BD150t o BD300 accordintg to suction diameter – and is “easy to usea and simple to install, it can be operated by one person“.


Depending on size,it can remove between 380 m3 and 1,400 m3 of material in hour.


Source: italdraghe, June 13, 2011;