CCCC Hosts Montenegro Transport Minister to Discuss Port Project (China)

On July 5, Chen Fenjian, vice president of CCCC, met with a delegation headed by Andrija Lompar, Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Montenegro at CCCC Building, having an in-depth discussion with the guests on CCCC’s involvement in the infrastructural construction of Montenegro.

During the meeting, Chen briefed the guests on CCCC’s core business and development in recent years, saying CCCC is willing to enter the infrastructural construction market in the Balkans including Montenegro on strength of its comprehensive advantage.

Lompar spoke highly of CCCC’s achievements, introduced the proposed port and road projects in Montenegro, and expressed the strong desire of the Montenegrin government to accelerate infrastructural construction. Chen said, on the basis of relevant consensuses reached by bilateral governments, CCCC is willing to actively promote the implementation of relevant project financing plans and send professionals to Montenegro for field investigation and discussion with Montenegrin side on specific cooperation plans.


Source: CCCC, July 11, 2011