Turkey: Portunus Port Spares and Services Signs Contract for Crane Refurbishment

Portunus Port Spares and Services from Turkey signed new contract with TCDD – Turkish State Railways for N.5 Ship To Shore Gantry Crane complete refurbishment.

After cancelling privatization of Izmir Port, Turkish State Railways decided to renew its facility. Because during this time, new ports had opened with better and new crane fleets. To compete and give better services to customers, they choosed Portunus.

TCDD – Turkish State Railways appointed Portunus to undertake this project with the aim of improving terminal efficiency through a reliable high-performance terminal fleet. Ship to shore cranes’ brands are MSM which is local made, Kocks and Reggiane from 1980s. This refurbishment and upgrade programme will help with the overall aim, to increase the operational capability in meeting the needs of the faster operations.

Growing terminals depend on reliable and efficient equipment to yield high levels of productivity so terminal operators always require a uniform efficient fleet with low maintenance and operating costs and more importantly, good availability of the machines. Onder Turker from Portunus says “This cranes was lying in the port in bad condition. Portunus will take all 5 STS cranes to refurbishment one by one to not to avoid the operations in the port. Crane by crane, port will feel the relaxation in the quay side and all shipping lines will be satisfied.” He added “This refurbishments bring cranes back to competitive business. Also together with operational advantages, cranes will have spare parts availabilities because of being upgraded.”.

Existing cranes are located in TCDD Izmir Port and refurbishment will have different stages. First stage will be preparation for 4 months and then Portunus’ young and dynamic team will start with first crane. Each crane will take 4 months to complete. Total work will be completed in 2 years time. Innovative solutions will help to optimise equipment performance and this will reduce downtimes, mean-time-to-repair thereby increasing equipment availability.

Onder Turker from Portunus says “In last 2 years, Portunus completed so many refurbishment projects. Some majors are N.3 Ship to Shore Gantry crane refurbishment and N.7 Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane refurbishment for PSA Mersin Port. We had signed an agreement for N.4 Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane refurbishment with DP World Aden Port. Even some of our suppliers refused to go there because of current situation in Yemen but our team is in the yard and working on their job to keep our promises. Today, we signed an agreement with TCDD to start to N.5 STS crane. Also very soon, we are planning to announce our new projects. Our spare parts division is also spending very good effort and they have commercial activities with around 50 countries. As a sales manager, i want to mention to ports world that PORTUNUS is in World League now!”


Source: Portunus Port Spares and Services , July 13, 2011