USA: Piedroba Marine Construction Successfully Completes First Year of Dredging Fundamental Course

Piedroba Marine Construction (PMC) today announced it has successfully completed the first year of teaching the Dredging Fundamental Course to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Luis Prieto-Portar, PhD, PE, PMC’s Principal and Chief Executive Officer and Pablo Prieto y Munoz, PhD, PE, PMC’s Executive Vice-President led the team through classes in Virginia Beach, VA. and New Orleans, LA.

During each week long session that included a field trip, the students learned fundamental dredging theory and practice through lectures, field trips, group discussions and examinations. Dr. Prieto-Portar highlighted the outstanding cooperation of the Army Corps instructors: ‘It was a true pleasure to work with instructors like Thomas Verna and Jeffrey McKee. Their knowledgeable and experienced contribution played a major role in obtaining great reviews from the participants’.

PMC’s assistant Instructor Pablo Prieto y Munoz enjoyed the interaction with the students, who represented different Army Corps Districts from across the country: ‘The diversity and specialized knowledge of each of the participants encouraged interaction between students and instructors‘.

The course covered basic information on how the Corps’ dredging projects are designed, built and maintained. Other subject matters included: hydraulic dredges, mechanical dredges, bathymetric surveying, sediment characterization, contaminated sediment management, cost analysis and scheduling.

About Piedroba Marine Construction:

Piedroba Marine Construction (PMC) is a self-certified small business and woman-owned marine contractor based in South Florida. PMC offers comprehensive construction and environmental engineering services including marine construction, and dredging throughout the Southeastern United States.


Source: piedroba, July 19, 2011;