Germany: Hamburg Port Authority Unveils Plan for Quay Rebuilding

Hamburg Port Authority has announced plans for rebuilding of Little Grasbrook Hansa port quay.

The wharf is located in Bremen, Hamburg-Mitte district in the district on the south side of Little Grasbrook Hansa port.

The 300m long quay, including the Hansahöftes should be fundamentally overhauled.

To restore the stability of the quay, a new-anchored sheet pile wall with concrete capping beam in front of the old quay wall is required.

In some areas, the new quay wall will be lined with with existing sandstone blocks.

The Hoeft, especially the existing staircase will be disassembled and about 10m from the existing Höftspitze rebuilt.

Dredging silt: 15 000 m³;

Earthworks: about 25 000 m³;

Demolition of the existing quay wall: string posts, ladders, etc;

Partial demolition of the existing quay wall (masonry): approximately 700 m³;

Supply and installation of sheet piling: about 1 400 t;

Tie back the new quay wall by injection piles: approx 7,400 m;

Producing a concrete Holmes: about 800 cubic meters;

Masonry demolition and renovation: 170 sqm;

Supply and installation of equipment quay: barges holders, bollards, Ladders, navigation markers.


Source: Hamburg Port Authority, September 9, 2011;