CCCC Wins Bid for Phase 1 Terminal Design Project of National Deep Sea Base (China)

Recently, CCCC Water Transport Planning and Design Institute (WTPDI) won the bid for Phase 1 terminal design project of the national deep sea base.

Located in the east of Aoshan Peninsula in Aoshanwei, Jimo, Qingdao, the project involves two 6,000t scientific investigation ship terminals, an approach embankment and corresponding supporting facilities, is scheduled to be launched in late 2011, and will become an internationally advanced comprehensive deep sea technical support base, as well as a multifunctional and fully-open national public research and development platform integrating scientific deep sea investigation, resource exploration with high-tech deep sea equipment.

The project is a concrete move to implement the Outline of Plan for National Marine Business Development and the international sea-bed area development plan, as well as a major support for China’s deep sea business, will boost China’s competitive edge in the international deep sea field, and is of great strategic significance to safeguarding China’s marine rights and interests.


Source: ccccltd, September 13, 2011;