The Netherlands: Idreco Delivers Dredger “Idreco I”

Idreco Delivers Dredger Idreco I

Last week Idreco delivered the dredger ‘Idreco I’ at Kaspar Weiss for a ten-year dredging project.

The suction dredger, type ISD 300, has a suction depth of 24 meters and a capacity of 300 tons of solids per hour.

Idreco Delivers Dredger Idreco I.

Specially designed for automated control, system can be fitted with Dredger Control, remote control and a density meter and/or with the Dredger Control System for an optimum excavation of the materials.

The catamaran-style pontoons have headroom and are more than large enough to accommodate a transformer, frequency converter, electrical controls and spare pumps.


Source: idreco, October 25, 2011