Taiwan: FKAB, Holland MT Win Design Contract for 2400 m3 TSHD

FKAB, Holland MT Win Design Contract for 2400 m3 TSHD

Taiwan based shipyard Ching Fu has awarded a design contract to FKAB Marine Design with Holland MT as subcontractor for a new 2400 m3 TSHD. The dredger’s concept design has been develop by Ministry of Transportation and Communication Kaohsiung harbor Bureau (KHB), who will own and operate the vessel.

The ship will have dual class, BV and CSR. The propulsion plant consists of a double shaft arrangement driven by means of two diesel engines with gears. Machinery space and deckhouse located aft and pumproom forward. The ship is equipped with a single dragarm, bottom doors, bow coupling as well as rainbowing.

Ching Fu Shipyard won the contract in competition with three other yards in Taiwan.

In order to improve dredger’s performance, Together with Holland MT, FKAB will review the concept design and provide the complete basic design package to the shipyard,

Besides the basic design, FKAB will also deliver the Detail and Production drawings.

Up to now FKAB has provided various dredging designs, ranging from Backhoes, Split barges and Trailing suction hopper dredgers. Hopper Dredgers are designed both in the offices in Sweden as well as in FKAB’s Shanghai office.

 Ching Fu Shipyard

Ching Fu Shipbuilding is located in the world’s fourth largest container port, Kauhsiung, Taiwan’s southern port city. Established in 1989 by Mr. Ching Nan Chen, Ching Fu became the first privately owned shipyard in Taiwan to build International Standard product carriers and multi-purpose ships.


Swedish based FKAB is a marine engineering company specialized in design of specialized cargo vessel, tankers, coastal ferries and RoRo’s, special purpose ships and dredgers. FKAB’s head office is based in Uddevall (Sweden) from which it also manages its engineering office in Shanghai (China).


Dutch based HollandMT is an engineering and contracting company specialized in supply of dredge engineering packages, as well as in supply of custom designed dredger equipment and parts. HollandMT closely cooperates with fabrication partners in Europe, China and other leading shipbuilding countries.


Source: HollandMT, November 9, 2011; Image: fkab