India: High-Level Committee to Conduct New Port Feasibility Study

The high-level Committee was appointed by the Union Shipping Ministry to conduct the study on technical and commercial feasibility of a new port.

In order to determine an appropriate location for establishing the second key sea port in the country, the Committee members visited on Wednesday Nakkapalli, Chandanada and Vodarevu areas. About 5,000 acres are required for the new construction. Various features and prospects were considered such as land availability, demand for dredging, connectivity, commercial and environmental aspects.

Nakkapalli has more advantages compared to the other two proposed locations. Nakkapalli introduced a draft of 18-20 meters from the coast. This is the key point in deciding the potential location since it would reduce the dredging costs.

Duggarajapatnam of Nellore and Ramayyapatnam in Prakasam district are also being considered as the possible sites for the prosperous undertaking.


Dredging Today Staff, December 8, 2011;