USA: Board OKs Emerald Isle Beach Renourishment Plan

The Town of Emerald Isle approved plan for a large beach nourishment project presented by Town Manager Frank Rush at its December meeting that would combine two projects into one if state funding is approved in 2012.

The town plans to request $3 million from the state to help bolster funding for the proposal, which would replace sand lost during Hurricane Irene and continue previous efforts of the town to address beach nourishment needs.

The town was pursuing a smaller beach nourishment project prior to Hurricane Irene to address erosion “hot spots” in eastern Emerald Isle for winter 2011-12 but learned permitting wouldn’t be possible this winter and that the requested state funding was not included in the fiscal year 2011-12 budget.

The town had already planned to make another funding request to the state in 2012 for that project, and now sees an opportunity to combine state funding with expected funding assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“The board is looking to use $3.85 million in FEMA assistance to help supplement the $3 million from the state,” Rush said.


Dredging Today Staff, December 23, 2011;