Russia: Stapel Develops New Dredger

Stapel Develops New Dredger

JSC RCDB Stapel has developed and handed over to the customer the next project of a non-self propelled suction dredger of capacity of 4,000 cbm/h. The dredger is designed for dredging, land reclamation, mining and removal of sediments. The vessel is a dismountable structure consisting of fastened together six pontoons.

Thanks to the vessel design, and the pontoons size, the dredger can be delivered by any mode of transport to a place where it could be assembled and start working. At the moment, this dredger is the most productive of this type of dredgers,” the design office said.

The dredger is able to collect oily water and operate without replenishment of fuel, oil as many as three days, taking into account the 8-hour working shift.

Rostov Central Design Bureau Stapel (Slipway) was founded in 1952 and transformed into a joint-stock company in 1993. The company designs and builds various types of vessels, performs some contracts for reconstruction and repair of approach channels to domestic sea ports.


Dredging Today Staff, December 27, 2011; Image: stapel