USA: St. Augustine Beach Replenishment Plan Moves Ahead

The St. Augustine Beach replenishment project is a step closer to realization.

Here’s the good thing: The beach is going to be renourished, and we’ve been waiting for that,” said new City Mayor S. Gary Snodgrass.

Despite a couple of setbacks, the replenishment plan is back on track again.

The project will include placing sand on St. Augustine Beach beginning near the south end of Anastasia Island State Park and extending to the south of F Street in St. Augustine Beach. The sand will come from the navigation channel on the south tip of Vilano Point, a widened navigation channel corridor and the south lobe of the inlet’s ebb shoal.

Located on Anastasia Island just east of the historic city of St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach receives an estimated 5 million visitors per year.


Dredging Today Staff, January 10, 2012;