Philippines: Marine Geologist Recommends Dredging of Cagayan River

A marine geologist from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Dr.Fernando Siringan, who conducted a bathymetric study in the lower Cagayan River, has recommended to the provincial government officials to dredge the silted parts of the river.

Siringan’s study shows that the Cagayan River was already heavily silted due to erosion and found out constriction of channel due to sand bar growth which causes severe flooding during rainy seasons.

Dredging will lessen flooding problem and reduce river bank erosion. The geomorphic study of the Cagayan River also helps evaluate potential sites for the establishment of a port in the mouth of the river,” Siringan said.

In his presentation, the geomorphic changes of the lower part of the river also shows that a large area is prone to rapid geomorphic changes which is why dredging is very necessary to remove siltation and to eventually help solve flooding in some parts of the province.

However, Siringan cautioned the officials that dredging cannot be a long term solution on the flooding problem. Officials need to associate some programs which help prevent soil erosions such as tree planting in the upland and mangrove planting along the seashore.

In his study, Siringan stated that there is a huge reserve of black sand content of the whole stretch of lower Cagayan River. However, he cautioned the officials to carefully study how it can be utilized for the benefit of the people and economic growth without sacrificing the environment and the marine resources.

Siringan also recommended to the provincial government to put up a black sand processing plant as there are enough resources in the province instead of selling them to other countries in a very minimal cost.


Dredging Today Staff, January 26, 2012;