Germany: Jade Weser Port Project Progresses According to Schedule

Jade Weser Port Project Progresses According to Schedule

There are just eight months to go to the start of operations. And some work still remains to be done in all areas of this major construction site. Yet there is no cause for panic – all the work is right on schedule.

The countdown has started; there is not long to go to the commencement of operations on 5 August 2012. But this time is being put to good use on the biggest building site in northern Germany. And there are no signs of worry on the faces of those involved – because the planning and work in the past has been of a high quality. Everything is going to plan. The mild, dry autumn also made a useful contribution – ensuring that the remaining work can be carried out with a certain tension in the air yet without any unnecessary excitement. In the north-western area of the logistics zone a further half a million cubic meters of sand will be used for filling-in and land reclamation through to the end of the year – the last of a total of 46 million cubic meters.

In the vicinity of the main quay the remaining work involves the fitting with bollards and fenders, as well as the refinishing of the coatings. The dredging of the approach area in front of the main quay has already been completed. At the beginning of the year a new leading line will be put in place. Once the electrical equipment and the leading light technology have been installed, there will be a period of operational testing prior to final completion. The road construction on the area covered by the logistics zone is moving ahead; the base layers and binder courses have been laid for the main link-up road as well as for the East-West road. The final asphalt surface on all roads will be applied in the spring of 2012.

The sidewalks and the link-up road to the dike will also be completed in the spring of 2012. Weather conditions permitting, the minor access roads will be prepared during the winter. The jetty for the tugboat port at the northern end of the main pier will be finished this year. The other tasks – construction of the pontoon, the placement of the dolphins, as well as the installation of lighting and electrical units – will be carried out by the end of May/beginning of June 2012.


Dredging Today Staff, February 1, 2012; Image: jadeweserport