Germany: Officials Invite Bids for Jever Sea Wall Construction

Oldenburgischer Deichband has announced tender for the Jever area sea wall construction works.

This project includes:

– Increasing and strengthening works to the sea wall “Elizabeth Groden dyke” (km 0.400 to km 4.750,

– Extraction of clay soil in the foreland (external Elizabeth Groden) in different grades, designated with water contents of 43% to 97%,

– Transport over rough terrain and build onto the Elizabeth Groden dyke in several layers.

As this work is on part of the National Park of Lower Saxony Wadden Sea, special care and consideration with respect to the environmental issues must be taken. Further sea defence works in reinforced concrete arerequired on the seaward faces of dyke areas.

Tender deadline: 28.2.2012.

Dredging Today Staff, February 3, 2012;