Council Presents Plan for Kirkcaldy Sea Wall Upgrade (UK)

Fife Council has unveiled palns for the Kirkcaldy sea wall upgrading, construction of a rock armour revetment and associated improvements to the existing beach accesses and viewpoints.

The works include:

– Detailed design of a coast protection scheme to extend the serviceable life of the existing sea wall,

– Assessment of the marine climate, geomorphology and coastal topography to ensure that the design maximises the level of protection against coastal flooding,

– Evaluation of the numerical and physical modelling included in the feasibility investigations,

– All necessary structural, geotechnical and environmental investigations to promote the scheme,

– Obtain statutory consents including Coast Protection consent, Marine Scotland approval, all necessary environmental consents and Planning consent,

– Undertake further public consultation to promote the scheme,

– Execute and manage the works in a safe and controlled manner.

Deadline for expressions of interest is 1. 3. 2012.


Dredging Today Staff, February 10, 2012;