China: Third Harbor Engineering Nabs Dalian Linkong Land Reclamation Deal

Recently, CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. signed the contract on the Dalian Linkong Industrial Park Reclamation Project (Bid Section I).

Located in Jinzhou Bay Sea Area, the project is made up of reclamation work on the western side and the revetment work. On the western side, the revetment is 6433m long, with reclamation area of 6.22 square kilometers, reclamation volume of 87 million cubic meters, dredging volume of 25 million cubic meters. The construction period will last for 24 months, with contractual value totaling RMB 3.815 billion.

Construction of the project will be great significance in promoting the revitalization of the Northeast Old Industrial Base and giving full swing to Dalian City’s core role in construction of Liaoning Coastal Economic Zone.


Dredging Today Staff, February 16, 2012