Taiwan: Minister Supervises Engineering Troops’ Preparation for Dredging

 Minister Supervises Engineering Troops’ Preparation for Dredging

Minister of MND, Hua-chu Kao went to Chiayi to supervise engineer troops’ first supporting mission of the dredging project of Dabang Section, Tseng-Wen River. He urged the responsible army 52nd Engineering Troops of 10th Legion to value safety, follow disciplines and strictly abide by the standardized procedure of process, steps, essentials so they can finish the task according to the schedule.

In the company of Deputy General Chief of Staff, General De-fa Yen, Commander of 10th Legion of Army, Lieutenant General Chao and other officers, Minister Kao went to Dabang Section, Tseng-wen River to encourage the 52nd engineering troops’ hard work for the dredging project. After the briefing, Minister Kao also inspected Field Operation 2nd Grade Factory, Medical Stations as well as Forward Headquarters. Minister Kao approved engineering troops’ devotion and efforts on the dredging project after inspection.

According to Minister Kao, after the 88 Taiwan Flood, the sedimentation of river courses around Taiwan are quite serious. The engineering troops of army support the dredging mission for Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs each year before flood season and their efficiency has won general public’ recognition. The dredging work is not only helpful for local governments’ earlier preparation on disaster relief but also helpful for general public to be free from the threat of flood.

As it is the first time for engineering troops to carry out the dredging project of Dabang Section, Tseng-Wen River and the working site is located in mountain regions; Minister Kao requested executive cadres to put safety first during this project. To eradicate any possible accident, it is vital to held safety training before starting their daily work and strictly request troops to follow the work discipline. Besides, it is also necessary to be ready for proper safety measure, well-control of water level change as well as rainfall from upstream which will prevent hillside collapse. They are also requested to finalize all emergency mechanism such as early warning, evacuation, escaping and urgent rescue so they can finish the project without worries.

Minister Kao instructed each level’s cadres to look after engineering troops’ daily life with care and responsibility which will keep them in the optimum state. Besides, due to the cooler weather in mountain regions, Minister Kao also reminded cadres to provide troops cold weather outfit and heaters which can help them fully devote in the dredging project and finalize the project with optimum working efficiency.

Minister Kao then transferred to supervise Ammunition Branch of 5th Supporting Command Post, Combined Logistics to gain further understanding of its operation. To reach the goal of zero accident, he expected each unit to put risk control into practice while performing their duties.


Dredging Today Staff, February 16, 2012