The Netherlands: Dredge Yard Launches Dredge Suction Mouth

 Dredge Yard Launches Dredge Suction Mouth

Dredge Yard, a specialized company in dredging technology and dredging equipment based in the Netherlands and United Arab Emirates has announced the launch of the dredge suction mouth. The dredge suction mouth is a dredge component positioned behind the cutter head of a Cutter Suction Dredger during extraction of non-cohesive material from the see bed.

Dredge Yard team of engineers designed the dredge suction mouth using the latest 3D CAD technologies, latest production methods and they entirely scrutinized the designs using Finite Element Analysis. External and internal forces are examined and all maximum possible scenarios are simulated.

In order to provide the most reliable dredge equipment with high accuracy and precise dimensions to fit in the cutter head and the suction pipe, Dredge Yard is using only one cast piece for the production of the dredge suction mouth that eliminates many operations, such as machining, forging and welding. Casting the suction mouth in one piece allows producing the most intricate shapes, both external and internal that can follow the shape of the flow. In this way competitive prices and shorter delivery times can be achieved.

The dredge suction mouths as well as the other components are designed, produced and tested under strict ISO and ASTM standards and double tested at third party for verification.

The following materials are being used according to the customer’s requirements: Carbon Steel that allows easy welding and hard facing if required; Carbon Manganese Steel that increases depth of hardening and improving the strength and toughness; and Alloy Steel in order to obtain higher performance in wear resistance.

Dredge Yard performs numerous testing that occur during and after production process of the dredge suction mouth. Before making the pattern, casting simulation software is run to verify that all thickness, curves and radii will be obtained and the material will cool down in a good way preventing internal and external shrinkages. For all casting the mechanical and chemical properties are verified at the third party. A final inspection is performed by the Dredge Yard team of quality control in order to assure that the product is according to customer’s and Dredge Yard’s specifications.

After inspection, the cast surfaces are painted while the machined surfaced are greased. Dredge Yard team supervises the packing and transport to ensure the release of products in the right way.

Sizes of dredge suction mouth vary according to the customer’s dredgers, dredge cutter heads and dredge pipe arrangements.


Dredging Today Staff, February 28, 2012

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