China: CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Lands Hubei Longzhouyuan Contract

On February 21, 2012, CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. signed the approach channel project of Hubei Longzhouyuan Shiplock (Bid W4). The contact value is 129 million yuan, and the construction time limit is 16 months.

As a part of the Water Diversion Engineering from the Yangtze River to the Hanjiang River, the project mainly comprises approach channel excavation, bank slop cutting and leveling, slope protection, river bottom protection, breasting dolphin construction at the anchoring areas, and ancillary facility installation. Along the 1270 m upstream approach channel and the 750 m downstream approach channel of Longzhouyuan Shiplock, there will be 20 and 21 breasting dolphins respectively.

The implementation of the project is of great significance with respect to the full development of the Hanjiang River’s navigation function and alleviation of adverse effects brought by total water amount reduce of the middle and lower reaches of the Hanjiang River.


Dredging Today Staff, March 5, 2012