USA: Official Provides Update on Fernandina Harbor Dredging

Dave Lott, Interim City Manager, has stated that 2,800 cubic yards of spoils from the dredging project at Fernandina Harbor Marina will be dumped on city property at the corner of South Eighth and Lime streets, reports News Leader.

The three sites identified for disposal of the marina dredging are going to be insufficient to handle the 14,000 cubic yards of material to be removed under the dredging contract,” reads an email Lott addressed to the city officials.

Lott is confident that the city utility yard on Lime Street offers enough capacity to handle 50% of the spoils. This site is safe since it is completely fenced off but two other spoil sites at Franklin Road and North 14th Street are thought to be hazardous.

He also added that all dredge spoils will be transferred to the city airport for landfill following a period of six months. The spoils were initially taken to the other sites because of FAA concerns about birds being attracted to them, Lott explained.


Dredging Today Staff, March 13, 2012;