South Africa: Transnet’s Port Development Plan Raises Ecological Concerns

Transnet’s plans that would focus on expanding shipping container berths in Durban harbor have provoked concerns about the ecological degradation of one of the country’s most important sea fish nurseries, reports Pretoria News.

The proposed project would focus on deepening, widening and lengthening the existing quayside from berth 203 to 205, right to the central sandbanks.

Several scientific studies have identified the shallow sandbanks as critical to the marine ecology of Durban Bay.

While the environment has become significantly degraded, (Durban Bay) nevertheless remains an estuary of local, regional and even national significance,” the study reported.

It is expected that a public meeting will be held on April 12 in order to discuss the plans in detail as part of a mandatory environmental impact assessment process.


Dredging Today Staff, March 16, 2012;