Students from Gladstone Region Learn about Harbour Developments (Australia)

Students from Gladstone Region Learn about Harbour Developments

More than 90 students from around the Gladstone region experienced industry developments first hand in the Gladstone harbour today.

As part of Gladstone Ports Corporation’s Western Basin Dredging and Development Project, students from Gladstone State High School, Gladstone Central State School, Ubobo State School and Nagoorin State School, toured the harbour and travelled past RG Tanna Coal Terminal, Curtis Island, the bund wall at Fisherman’s Landing and back into the Marina.

Students also received a presentation from Liquefied Natural Gas companies building plants on Curtis Island.

Gladstone Central State School teacher Dane Wilson said it was tremendous and of great benefit for the students to learn about developments in the harbour.

“I have a few students who have never been on a boat or out in the harbour before,” Mr Wilson said.

“A lot of their families work in the industry so it’s good for the students to see and understand what Mum and Dad do on the island or in other industries.

“When they come out on the harbour they get to see how big the port is in Gladstone, which I believe is a really good thing.”

Students from Gladstone Region Learn about Harbour Developments.

Gladstone Ports Corporation CEO Leo Zussino said the Western Basin Dredging and Development Project school harbour tours have had an overwhelming response from schools with every tour booked out for 2012.

More than 700 students and teachers from around Gladstone will learn about the projects in the Western Basin,” Mr Zussino said.

“They will tour our beautiful harbour and get a better understanding of Gladstone’s future industry development as well as our commitment to the environment that we love and enjoy.”


Dredging Today Staff, March 16, 2012; Images: westernbasinportdevelopment