USA: Too Much Sand for Anna Maria, DEP Says

As Bradenton Herald reports, the city of Anna Maria has been notified that during a recent dredging project, too much sand was pumped onto a beach near the city pier.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection announced that the fill/nourishment area “appears to extend approximately 40 feet further waterward and 330 feet further southeast than was authorized.”

The project was described as a maintenance dredge of Lake La Vista Inlet and sediment north of the inlet jetty, with the spoil to be placed on the beach near the city pier, DEP documents said.

Spoil from dredging at Key Royale Pass also was to fortify the beach, documents said.

“We discussed that they should look into a long-term solution, such as a jetty and/or breakwater to minimize or slow the loss of the beach,” DEP officials recommended.


Dredging Today Staff, April 9, 2012;