USA: Fox River Cleanup Equipment Demobilized

According to, the clean-up equipment that was once a sign of progress on the Fox River is now being demobilized by Appleton Papers.

After last week’s court ruling, the company is no longer responsible for funding the nine-year program designed to rid the river of toxins and pollutants.

“The equipment that’s in the river is in the stages of actually being demobilized, which means that it will be pulled to the side and stored at the plant site there,” says Katherine Querard of Appleton Papers.

Our hope is that both the government and these other parties step forward and continue the clean-up just like we’ve done,” says Querard. “The equipment is there, the plants are there. It’s so easy for someone else to step up and take on the responsibility. They just need to do it.”


Dredging Today Staff, April 16, 2012;