Liberia: Greenville Port Dredging Kicks Off

 Greenville Port Dredging Kicks Off.

According to the Daily Observer, the National Port Authority (NPA) has commenced the dredging of the Port of Greenville.

The Dutch port dredging and marine engineering company, Van Oord, recently signed a US$20 million agreement with the Government of Liberia to dredge the Freeport of Monrovia and the Port of Greenville, Sinoe County.

Following the sealing of deal, a state-of-the-art survey vessel was immediately deployed to Liberia to study the state of both ports; mapping out debris and clogged sand.

Matilda Parker, NPA Managing Director, informed the Daily Observer that the dredging exercise had been one of the NPA’s top priorities. “Almost all of the goods and services imported to Liberia by sea come through the Freeport of Monrovia or the Port of Buchanan. So… dredging and opening up the Port of Greenville will make it more functional and accessible to bigger vessels. This will also increase economic activities in the southeastern region,” the NPA MD stated.

According to Madam Parker, the dredging project will continue at the Freeport of Monrovia after the completion of the Greenville Port.


Dredging Today Staff, April 17, 2012