USA: Biloxi Harbor Dredging Stopped

As reports, work on the Biloxi Commercial Harbor has come to a halt.

The work is at a standstill as the contractor awaits the results of dredge spoils testing by the Mississippi DEQ.

Port Manager Frankie Duggan said they’re also awaiting the arrival of a “test pile” that’s part of the reconstruction project.

They’re ready to go at any minute. If we get word from DEQ, they’re going to start dredging. And, of course, they’ll dredge the harbor, then they’ll start putting in new piles and it will be exciting to see it come along,” said Duggan.

DEQ is testing a sample to see if the spoils are clean enough to be deployed on nearby Deer Island.

If it comes back safe to put on Deer Island, we’ll go ahead and fill in some more of Deer Island with it. If the spoils have something that’s not conducive to the soil structure of Deer Island, they’ll take it to another spot on land and de-water it and take it to disposal,” Duggan explained.

Dredging the harbor to eight feet will clear the way for the rebuilding that will follow.

Rebuild all the piers, rebuild the break wall, rebuild the slabs that go inside the break wall that people walk on. It will be a brand new harbor from the ground up so to speak,” said the harbor manager.


Dredging Today Staff, April 17, 2012;