China: Plan for Yueqing Bay Port Area Development Moves Forward

On March 23, CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. won the bid for the 50-thousand-ton Wharf Construction Project at Southern District of Phase One of the Port Area of Yueqing Bay with a contract value of 446,000,000 yuan. The construction period is 18 months.

The project is located at the central part of Yueqing Bay, facing the Yuhuan Island across the sea. As for the construction scale, a 50-thousand-ton multifunctional berth, a 50,000-ton universal berth (the hydro-structure is designed for the parking of 100,000-ton vessels) and relevant supporting facilities will be built; the dock water front is 676m long with an annual throughout capacity of 3.8 million ton cargo (including 0.2 million ton breakbulk, 3 million bulk cargo and 60,000 standard containers).

The project will speed up the optimization and adjustment of structural functions of all port areas in Wenzhou Port and it is of great significance in further improving the throughput and specialization of Wenzhou Port.


Dredging Today Staff, April 20, 2012;