Poland: Authorities Announce Tender for Dredging Work at Szczecin Area

Urzurd Morski w Szczecinie has announced a tender for improvement and modernisation of the main port, which includes the reconstruction and strengthening of about 8 km of the fairway under the project, Phase II, East and West.

The project is located partly in the sea port of Winouj CIU, as well as in the area and the sea waters inside Trznych.

Works will include:

Disassembling of navigational obstructions (including related demolition of the hydraulics at Dalba, the destroyed pier at the wharf;

Demolition of the quay and bridge on the Island of Meilin;

Construction of a new berth and technical (parking) on the west coast of the Meilin;

Service aids for navigation facilities;

Modernisation of network infrastructure and implementation of a new lighting boundary;

Information signs such as anchoring prohibition signs at the proposed move, cables, marking, working for the duration of the works, etc.);

Strengthening of embankment protection;

Dredging works coordinating with the formation of submarine slope and foundation elements to strengthen the base of the embankment;

Works related in maintaining a current depth of water in the harbour area.

The majority of works will be conducted primarily from the water.

The deadline for this tender is May 28, 2012.


Dredging Today Staff, April 30, 2012;