Hudson River Dredging Kicks Off (USA)

Hudson River Dredging Kicks Off

The Hudson River cleanup project yesterday entered its third year of dredging.

As during the 2011 season, three to four dredges will be working at any given time, 24 hours a day and six days a week, until early November, according to Mark Behan, a spokesman for General Electric Co.

Behan said the weather has cooperated so far this year. Last year, because of major snowpack runoff from the Adirondacks and a rainy summer, the dredging effort got off to a late start and was slowed at times by high water from rainy weather.

In the coming season, dredging will concentrate on a two-mile section of the river south of the village of Fort Edward and north of Griffin Island, which is in the town of Northumberland, Behan said.

We’re essentially picking up where dredging was completed last November,” Behan said. “Our goal this season is to remove 350,000 cubic yards of sediment, which is about 400,000 tons.”


Dredging Today Staff, May 10, 2012; Image: hudsondredging