District of Squamish Re-Examines Blind Channel Dredging (Canada)

The longer the District of Squamish waits to dredge the Mamquam Blind Channel, the more money downtown misses out on,” says Coun. Doug Race.

Although the long-discussed and environmentally controversial project is not in this year’s budget, the municipality needs to push it forward sooner rather than later, Race told council at a special business meeting last week, according to squamishchief.com.

“We are digging ourselves a hole and it is going to take us longer to get out of when we do start wanting to invite more visitors to our community,” Race said.

“The original district estimate affixed a price tag for the job of $1 million. So far, the municipality has come up empty-handed in securing outside funding for the project, including repeated requests for federal funding,” district real estate manager Neil Plumb said.

“Dredging the Blind Channel would benefit residents beyond immediate waterfront property owners,” concluded Race.


Dredging Today Staff, May 24, 2012;