CHEC Inks EPC Contract for Vietnam Coastal Sea Port

China Harbour (CHEC) formally signed an EPC Contract for the Project of Vietnam Coastal Sea Port with the employer, Vietman National Electricity Group (EVN), on June 8. The value of the contract is around USD 200 million.

The project mainly covers design and construction of 3.9km long breakwater, design and construction of 30,000-ton coal terminal, 1,000-ton oil terminal, two coal unloaders, the oil pipelines from the terminal to the power plant, coal conveyor belt system, dredging of the harbor basin and channel, purchasing and installation of loading, unloading and oil transferring equipment, supply of tugboat, fire protection, lighting, etc.

The signing ceremony was attended by CHEC president Mo Wenhe and vice president Tang Qiaoliang, as well as other more than 120 guests, such as Zhai Leiming as Chinese Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City, Wei Xichen as economic and commercial counselor. The signing ceremony was widely reported by Vietnam Television and many mainstream media in Ho Chi Minh City.

Once the Project is completed and the Port is put in use, it will lay down a solid foundation for operation of the coastal power plant and play an important role in driving power supply and economic development of the south of Vietnam.


Dredging Today Staff, June 15, 2012