Courtenay Marina Plans to Save Money for Dredging (Canada)

A savings plan is launched to raise tens of thousands of dollars for Courtenay Marina mooring facilities dredging project, reports.

Besides the marina, some parts of the Courtenay River are becoming difficult to navigate because of a build-up of silt and tree debris.

Previous dredging works in this area were executed about seven years ago.

It is estimated that the cost of the project could be between 45 and 60 thousand dollars.

Despite the tough financial situation, parts of this area were renovated and upgraded during the previous 12 months.

Society chairman James Linderbeck says: “We had a new gate installed on the south dock, together with new double-keyed entry and fencing repairs. Fire extinguishers were updated, lights on the dock were repaired – including new sensors and replacement bulbs – plus we made sure all our docks are on an even keel and safe. We also removed a huge snag that was disrupting the marina.”

Additional floating support will be installed during the summer and a new main dock will be built to support the north gang ramp.

Linderbeck said that at times search and rescue craft had problems coming up the river to aid boaters in trouble because of the deadheads and silting in the river itself.

The councillors agreed that the issue of the marina should be the subject of a future strategic planning discussion.


Dredging Today Staff, June 22, 2012