Thailand: BMA Expresses Concerns Over Incomplete Dredging Operations

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has revealed progress in its flood prevention effort while expressing concerns over incomplete dredging operations at some major canals in Bangkok.

BMA Spokesperson Mr. Wasan Meewong said in his statement concerning the flood prevention operation in Bangkok that floodwalls have been repaired and reinforced at 5 spots along the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok Noi Canal and Mahasawat Canal.

To increase the draining capacity, 29 canals are expected to be dredged while 54 water diversion machines and 48 submersible pumps will be set up. A warning system will also be established while a water gauging device will be installed at 15 canals. All of these are expected to be achieved within September.

Meanwhile, out of the 362 sewer lines across Bangkok set to be unclogged by the Department of Drainage and Sewerage, the operations at 328 of them, with a combined distance of 860 kilometers, have been completed. Another 2,900 kilometers of sewers have already been cleaned in cooperation with the district offices.

However, Mr. Wasan admitted that other involved agencies have made little progress in their canal dredging works. He also wished that the dredging of Ladphrao Canal will commence soon because it is where the northern runoff would enter Bangkok.


Dredging Today Staff, June 25, 2012