USA: Savannah River Dredging Causes Controversy

A South Carolina commission that includes state lawmakers who are opposed to the proposed deepening of the Savannah River has gone to court for a fourth time aiming to assert its authority, reports

A temporary injunction filed Thursday by the Savannah River Maritime Commission against the South Carolina members of the Jasper Ocean Terminal Joint Project Office has halted that group’s ability to conduct official business.

Causes of Conflict may stem from the fact that the Jasper port site has been eyed as a place to dispose of dredge material from the proposed deepening of the river.

The maritime commission opposes the decision to dredge the river to accommodate larger container ships.

The injunction is effective until Oct. 1.

According to the injunction, the two parties have agreed to negotiate in good faith to establish a decision-making process satisfactory to both.


Dredging Today Staff, June 27, 2012