Finland: Raahe Port Eyes New Phase of Expansion

 Raahe Port Eyes New Phase of Expansion

An application for the permit to carry out the third phase of the deep dock has been transferred to the environmental authorities. With the completion of the new phase, the port’s service capacity will be further increased.

The significance of the deep dock is essential for the efficient handling of shipping, explains Port Director, Kaarlo Heikkinen.

The transporting of bulk cargo will continue to increase. The third phase of the deep dock is part of a deep port project, which is vital to the future transportation requirements of the local mining industry. In total, the area will be some 30 hectares in size. The Mustavaara mine is surveying the area to assess its suitability for a smelter.

The port of Raahe is systematically developing the deep port project, in a bid to improve infrastructure for external traffic and develop the area, as well as constructing deep dock number 3 and a new warehouse.


Dredging Today Staff, June 29, 2012