Australia: GPC Provides Update on Bund Wall Sealing Progress

GPC Provides Update on Bund Wall Sealing Progress

Progress on sealing the northern section of the front bund wall at Fisherman’s Landing remains on schedule for a second week.

The Transitional Environmental Program (TEP) approved on 25 June allows for bund sealing works to be undertaken until 6 August to fast track sealing the northern section of the east bund wall at the Fisherman’s Landing reclamation area.

The plan uses two cutter suction dredges to place dredge material against the east wall and seal the area in an accelerated manner.

Since the TEP was actioned approximately 500,000 cubic metres of dredge material has been placed on the inside of the east bund wall.

The material is pumped into the reclamation area using cutter suction dredges and sinkerlines.

The TEP is scheduled to seal the 900 metre section of the wall to a 50 metre width using dredge material. There remains approximately 330 metres of the bund still to cover.

The light monitoring trial in place, observing the levels of light reaching seagrass meadows, show that adequate light levels are reaching seagrasses above the 6 mols average at all sites since the implementation of the TEP.


Dredging Today Staff, July 16, 2012; Image: gpcl