UK: Falmouth Harbor Grants Permission for Dredging Trial

Falmouth Harbor Grants Permission for Dredging Trial

The Marine Management Organisation has announced it has approved a licence for a maerl-relocation trial to take place in the Falmouth area.

James Cross, Chief Executive of the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) said ““We have agreed to the trial as it will provide information on the extent to which maerl and its associated communities survive and recover from translocation.

The methodology has been reviewed and supported by an independent scientific advisory panel, which has been established to advise the MMO on the scientific robustness of the trial.

We will review information from the trial, and other further evidence, to inform future licensing decisions on the Port of Falmouth development.”

Plymouth University hopes their trial will reveal the environmental impacts of dredging.


Dredging Today Staff, July 17, 2012; Image: falmouthport


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