USA: Rosewood Beach Redevelopment Proposal on Hold

Decision on the Rosewood Beach redevelopment proposal, which was supposed to be reached on Thursday by the Park Board, has been postponed for the beginning of August, Highland Park News informs.

However, the Board approved submitting of a letter of intent to proceed with the Army Corps of Engineers on the plan of reducing beach deterioration.

Previously, the U.S. Army Corp (USACE) conducted a feasibility study on improvements to the lakeshore. Within the framework of the $7.1 million project the USACE would stabilize the bluff, the ravine and dunes, and reduce erosion and sedimentation into Lake Michigan by extensive dredging.

Naturalistic wave breaks would be created in order to protect the shoreline vegetation and restore nearshore fish habitat, according to the USACE’s plan. With the adding of additional sand the beach size would be doubled.

If the Park Board and Army Corps reach an agreement on going forward with the project next spring, the Park District would assume 35 percent of the projected cost.

The delay of the decision-making has been induced by the opposition of local residents who see the project as a threat to environment, since it entails construction of the series of four buildings, including the controversial Interpretive Center.

Members of the Ravinia Neighbor’s Association protested against the construction of the center arguing that it will cause loss of trees, lack of sufficient parking, high maintenance costs, increased traffic in the area and jeopardize winter safety.

Aside to construction of the edifices, the proposed Rosewood Beach improvements will see the assembly of various public infrastructure amenities such as public restrooms, showers, changing areas, followed by recreational enhancements which include a new playground on the beach, an improved ravine trail, sand volleyball, and new picnic areas.


Dredging Today Staff, July 27, 2012