Malaysia: Residents Against Sungai Batang Kayan Dredging

Kampung Selampit and Kampung Bitokan residents turned down the opportunity to make some money as they preferred to protect Mother Nature, according to Borneo Post.

The dredging company has offered them between RM500 and RM5,000 per month as the ‘licence’ to dredge the sand along Sungai Batang Kayan.

Despite having the offer declined, the company nevertheless carried on with the dredging.

Borneo Post reports that their spokesman Nyaies Nyayan said they never agreed with the dredging work.

“In our protest, we have made a police report and met the district officer. We regard the company’s act as attempted encroachment.”

We have also discovered that the so-called operating licence claimed by the company is a fake,” Nyayan concluded.


Dredging Today Staff, August 12, 2012