UK: Bam Nuttall Bags Kirkwall Contract

Bam Nuttall Bags Kirkwall Contract

On July 27, the Bam Nuttall Ltd has won the Kirkwall’s pier construction contract.

The works comprise:

– A new pier with a deck area of approx. 2900m2 and an approach approx. 95m long by 8m wide, constructed using tubular steel piles with a concrete deck slab,

– Supply and installation of pier furniture including bollards, fenders, lights, power boxes and wave screens.

The contractor will be responsible for undertaking the structural design and producing construction drawings for the new pier and approach structure. These will be based on general layout drawings provided by the client. Dredging works are required to provide minimum water depths of -5m CD to outer berths and -3.5m CD to inner berths.

It is estimated the dredge quantity is approx. 16,000 m3 and will be disposed of at sea. Construction of a new 6.2m wide bitmac surfaced access road designed by the client to service the new pier. The road is approx. 550m long and will include the installation of power, water, telecommunications and SW drainage services.

The value of this project is £8,057,031.


Dredging Today Staff, August 17, 2012; Image: orkneycommunities